Poets — got rhythm, does your work sing, play the piano, dance? Do you paint amazing visuals with words? Experimental, concrete, satirical, lyrical, narrative, prose poem, if it’s different and really speaks out, send it in, we’d love to publish you.

Artists — does your work reflect the poetry of visual images? Representational, narrative, mythic or abstract expressionism, if your photographs and paintings stir the soul, we want to share them with our readers.

We will accept submissions for the first issue from September 5, 2008 until November 10. We will close our submissions at that time, and re-open during January, 2009. For now, look for announcements on this blog. When our new journal goes live, you can read submission updates there.


Please note, we accept only electronic submissions at this time.

Poetry: please send previously unpublished poems of no more than 40 lines to ouroborosreview[at]gmail [dot]com. Include your name and the words ‘poetry submission’ in the subject line. Paste between three and six poems into the body of the email, along with a brief bio that includes previous publications — don’t worry if you are yet to be published, we know that everyone has to start somewhere. Please also send us your snail mail address. We accept simultaneous submissions but would be grateful for an immediate heads-up should you be accepted elsewhere.

Art: please send previously unpublished artworks or digital images to ouroborosreview[at] gmail [dot] com. Include your name and the words ‘art submission’ in the subject line. Attach no more than four, internet-ready images along with a brief bio to an email. Should you wish, you may then forward a further four images in a follow-on mail (for speed’s sake). Please also send us your snail mail address. We accept simultaneous submissions but would be grateful for an immediate heads-up should you be accepted elsewhere.

If we do not accept your first submission, you are welcome to submit again to the same issue.

Collaboration: A note about collaboration. As members of The Poetry Collaborative, we are enthusiastic about collaboration — between poets or cross-genre. Please ensure you have your partner’s permission to submit and supply us with details of all artists involved.

We are aware that many poets and artists publish their work on blogs in the first instance. If you self-published a piece more than three months ago, we’ll consider it, though we will ask you to remove it from your blog or make the post private should it be accepted.

We publish quarterly and will endeavour to get back to you all as soon as possible, if you haven’t heard from us in six weeks, please email us to find out why!


15 Responses to “Submissions”

  1. Dick said

    Welcome, welcome and, after the launch, good sailing!

  2. rick mobbs said

    Soubds great! Best of luck!

  3. Julie said

    I only write essays and articles and the like, but if I wrote poetry I’d submit some!!!

    thanks for the invite, C…

  4. Penn Kemp said

    Sounds fab.

    Love that ouroborous symbol.

    All the best for issue one!


  5. I think you’ll enjoy my bio. Perhaps, not.

    I enjoyed writing it, though.

  6. thanks for making self-published blog poems older than 90 days eligible for submission!

  7. christine said

    Noah, the bio’s great. Love the last name.

    AP, we’re bloggers, right? Glad to oblige.

  8. […] hope you’ll join us in making this journal a great success — go, read the submissions page. ▶▼ View 11 Comments // comment hide/show mechanism […]

  9. I wish you much success with your journal! I look forward to reading.

  10. Christine, if you accept a poem that’s been published on a blog 90 days ago, then the blogger makes that post private, that’s ok. Would you consider allowing the post/poem to become public again after a certain length of time–for example, 90 or 120 or 180 days after publication? thanks!

  11. Julie said

    Jo and Christine! So this is what you’re up to…ha! Congratulations…this is beautiful. I love the layout. I hope you both put your work in here, too. I’m a big fan! I’ll pass the link along, too. Cheers!

  12. Christine, This looks like a workable set of guidelines IMHO. Not unreasonable.

    Good luck to you both–I look forward to watching this unfold.

  13. Hi, Mary Hillier and I had poetry/art submissions that we submitted November 2009 accepted but hadn’t heard anything. A note I sent today asking about when they would be online bounced back to me. I just checked the email and that’s the one on your blog. Your journal looks great so I hope this gets to someone.

    Pris Campbell

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