Welcome to the ouroboros blog

August 28, 2008

Christine Swint and Jo Hemmant are pleased to announce a new poetry and art journal called ouroboros. Here on the blog we will be posting calls for submissions, guidelines and deadlines.

The reading period for our first issue will be from September 5 until November 10.

This issue will be hot off the presses in December. We intend to publish an online review quarterly and will offer a print magazine twice a year.

We hope you’ll join us in making this journal a great success — go, read the submissions page.


Image courtesy of josangel at flickr. Many thanks.

13 Responses to “Welcome to the ouroboros blog”

  1. johemmant said

    here, have a glass of bubbly

  2. Rethabile said

    Thanks for the glass, Jo. Cheers…

  3. nathan1313 said

    Good luck with this. Beautiful site.

  4. johemmant said

    well it’s fizzy, joyce, and a little bit sweet *wink*. Thanks, guys. I hope you’ll be submitting, hint, hint.

  5. Wow! What fun this will be! Cheers, cheers and more!

  6. polkadotwitch said


  7. 1poet4man said

    …nice to see that you are continuing to flourish…

    That you will be offering a printed version of your magazine says a great deal, and I for one will heartily applaud such an effort…

    Be Well Jo



  8. christine said

    I can’t wait to read your submissions, everyone.

    Joyce, I actually love 7-Up.

  9. congrats on your new great project! i wrote about it on my blog!

  10. Rethabile said

    Hope things are looking up here.

  11. johemmant said

    Hey Rethabile. We’re going great guns….lots of fantastic submissions in, poetry and art/photography. Hurray!

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